Congratulations! Your decision to be married is one of life's most important decisions.

To have your wedding in a church is to seek God's special blessing on the two of you and your entire life together. We at New Sharon United Methodist Church in New Sharon, Iowa, want to help make this event sacred, beautiful, meaningful and very special to all in attendance. If you are not members of NSUMC, our facilities and services are provided to you as a ministry of care. Non-members are not charged actual costs, which would be much more. We want you to know you are important to us and are always welcome at NSUMC. All couples are expected to participate in the FOCCUS marriage inventory, provided by the pastoral office. 

It is not necessary that your wedding be elaborate or large in order to be beautiful. That beauty comes from within and is demonstrated by the love, sincerity and faithfulness of you as you live out the promises you make before God, family and friends. Our pastor and staff are available to assist you as you make your plans, ensuring that your wedding will be meaningful and beautiful.