Here's a daily prayer need for our team this year!

Saturday night - Tomorrow is a day when the kids and adults both are very excited about arriving at TeenServe and settling in our room for the week. But they are also nervous about meeting their crew. The adults have to remember all those names of the kids on the crews. This is also the first night we start praise and worship time as an entire TeenServe group - please pray that our hearts and minds are open to God's Word for us this week. Hearts and lives can be changed if we are only open to God's calling.

Sunday night - Monday is a scary day for both kids and adults, we head to our individual job site with our new crew made up of 1 adult and 5 youth from different states. We meet our resident and begin working on our resident's home. Please pray for safety in driving to the job sites, an eager anticipation to do the Lord's work and calmness for each of our PROS youth and adults as we work with our new crew for the first time.

Monday night - Pray for a willingness to work hard at our job site, to be eager to help wherever we are needed. Pray for us to have a heart of love for our resident and for the developing friendships between the crew members.

Tuesday night - Tomorrow we will work until noon, then are free to spend the rest of the day with your own PROS youth group. Pray for us to work hard until noon, then safety for the rest of the day as we spend it at leisure participating in a fun activity. Please pray that our youth's hearts are being touched through the nightly praise and worship time.

Wednesday night - Pray for our hearts to be touched by our resident, frequently the residents are not living at a very high level of calmness, homes are not at all what are used to. Please pray for resident's hearts to be touched by our TeenServe youth, by their willing hearts to be of service to the Lord.

Thursday night - Friday is our last day at our resident's homes, please pray for our projects to be completed. Please pray for any words that need to be shared with our resident, to help them draw closer to the Lord. Pray for our resident that they will have the desire to be at the closing ceremony at the school, where their hearts can be touched by the Lord. Also, pray that God will speak to your tonight, if not before.

Friday night - Please pray for safety for our entire, tired group as we get up, eat breakfast and head for home on Saturday. We plan to be in church on Sunday morning to be able to share our experiences!   

We thank you for the financial support, the prayerful support and all the encouraging words we receive.

TeenServe is a division of Cross-Walk Ministries, Inc., a non-profit corporation in existence since 1985.  TeenServe mission trips are life-changing for everyone who is involved, from the teen and adult participants to the residents of the communities who receive the free home improvements!  The first TeenServe mission trip was held in 2000 in Ladysmith, Wisconsin with 186 participants.

What is a TeenServe WorkCamp?
A TeenServe WorkCamp is a one-week mission trip for junior and senior high youth groups.  Workcampers “work” during the day and “camp” at a school during the night.  200 to 400+ teens and adult leaders join together to serve people in need, while experiencing life-changing evening programs featuring a nationwide youth speaker and a rock worship band.  Cost for a WorkCamp is $425.00.

Click this link to visit the website and find out more about TeenServe.

To find out more about how you can be a part of TeenServe through our PROS youth at New Sharon United Methodist Church email us at nsumc@iowatelecom.net or call us at 641.637.2561.