New Sharon United Methodist Church

Where Friends Become Family

Sunday School

What is Sunday School?

It is a time for learning about God's Word and a wonderful opportunity to develop life-long friendships in our church and community. It is also an opportunity to participate in outreach and mission projects as each class has adopted different projects to reach out, help, and support.

For Our Chidlren . . .

we offer fun and exciting ways not only to learn but also to experience God's Word for us.

PROS Higher Ground

is our youth Sunday school classes, which involve study and a social way to keep your young person involved through a sometimes awkward time of life.

Adults  . . .

Maybe you are an adult and haven't participated in a Sunday School class since you were a child. If so, visit a few classes and see which one is the right fit. We have different classes because in the Methodist church we realize that people relate to God in different ways and we celebrate that. Click here to see a listing of our adult Life Group classes.

If you have questions about any of our Sunday School classes, please contact us at