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Current Sermon Series
The Book of James is a "clarion call to "walk the talk." We are what we are because we believe what we believe. Faith That Works call us to a Christian faith that is authentic and on full display without apology and with a clear conscience.

Sunday, March 24 - A Message That Sticks     
Sunday, March 31 - Joy in the Junk of Life  
Sunday, April 7 - Kicking Temptation in the Teeth 
Sunday, April 14 - Mirror, Mirror in the Word
Sunday, April 21 - Easter Sunday Message
Sunday, April 28 - Faith Without Works Stinks
Sunday, May 5 - That Little Big Thing Called the Tongue
Sunday, May 12 - The Prejudice, Poverty and Wealth Thing
Sunday, May 19 - Other Snippets of Hard Truths