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Music for Your Wedding

All music in the wedding service should reflect the praise, prayer and sacred meaning of the service and directed toward God in an appropriate manner. Favorite popular/secular songs are not appropriate for the wedding service and are more appropriate at the reception.

The pastor must approve all music used in your wedding. This includes soloists and instrumentalists. Special care should be taken in selecting a vocalist/instrumentalist. If vocalists/instrumentalists are secured by the couple, it is their responsibility to contact the church office to schedule a rehearsal. There is no music at the wedding rehearsal. The rehearsal with outside musicians is usually held the day of the wedding. 

It is expected that the NSUMC available musicians will play for all weddings, unless there is prior permission. If the couple wishes to use another organist, they are welcome to play before and after the service.

A CD of processionals/recessionals and vocal music is available for your listening pleasure. Contact the church office at 641.637.2561 for your complimentary copy. After listening to brief excerpts, simply select your choices.