New Sharon United Methodist Church

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Florists and Decorations

The selection of a florist should be made soon after the wedding date is set. It is helpful to know what accessories the church has as you make your plans. It is not necessary to use these accessories but you are welcome to, depending on their availability. The florist can arrive at a time arranged with the church office so that the facility can be open prior to the wedding. If any decorations or supplies are to be picked up by the florist, they must be done immediately after the final pictures are taken.

Rules regarding decorations are quite simple. In all cases, nothing that is sticky (tape or glue) or that leaves a hole (thumbtacks or nails), makes a mark (floral clay), or will scratch any surface (wire) may be used at any time. Decorations may be attached to the ends of the pews using elastic or ribbon.

Two floral arrangements may be placed on the flower stands beside or in front of the communion table. One recommendation would be to have one bouquet placed on a stand between the two candelabras behind the communion table. No bouquets are to be placed on the communion table itself. Some couples choose to use baskets of flowers on stands in front of the pulpit or lectern. If you wish to have your flowers used on Sunday morning for worship, contact the church office in advance.

The church provides altar candles for all weddings. Brass floor candelabras with seven candles in each branch are available. The candelabras may not be decorated in any way.  Aisle tapers may have bows tied on with ribbon only - no wire (including covered wire) or adhesives are permitted.

If a Unity Candle is used, it is placed on the communion table. The Unity Candle and family candles are provided by the couple.

If you are using an aisle runner, note that the two  aisles in the Sanctuary are 30 feet long. The church does not supply an aisle runner. The Sanctuary has 3 seating areas in the main sanctuary with 8 rows of pews, and overflow area with 15 theatre style seats and 8 pews as well as a balcony with 75 theatre style seats. 

Flower girls may not throw real flower petals (silk petals are permissible) nor are confetti, poppers, sparklers, etc. allowed in or outside the church. For reasons of safety, we do not allow the throwing of rice or birdseed. If bubbles are to be blown by your guests as you leave the church, the jars are to be distributed and remain outside the church.