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What Is Confirmation?

Journey of Faith Adventure! That's what we call our Confirmation Class at NSUMC. The class is designed for those in 8th grade or above.

You’ll notice that Confirmation has the word "firm" in it. Confirmation is a time when you have the opportunity to make a firm decision whether you will claim the name "Christian" for yourself and whether you will offer your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness as a member of the United Methodist Church. Some of you may have been baptized as an infant, for instance. Confirmation would be a time you could claim for yourself the vows your parents once made on your behalf. If you’ve never been baptized, at the end of Confirmation, you may choose to be baptized and claim the name“Christian” for yourself. Confirmation may be repeated so it may be a time of reaffirmation of one’s faith. Such a decision would be your choice.

Why would I choose to go through Confirmation now?

As a teen or pre-teen, you are at a special age when you are not only making more decisions for yourself but also may find yourself questioning what you believe. Confirmation is a great time to ask those questions. You will have the pastor available each week as he provides instruction to seek answers with you and to share from his own journey of faith. In addition, you will have your very own adult Friend-in-Faith who will encourage you throughout the year.

Confirmation will help you have a firm foundation for the important decisions that lie ahead and it is a caring community of youth and adults. Along the Confirmation journey, you will also discover gifts from our United Methodist heritage that will help guide you on your journey of faith.

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