If you are seeking to make a reservation for use of the church facility or the McVay Family Center, please contact the office at 641-637-2561 to do so. If you want to know if a room is available prior to calling the church office, you can click on the date you desire and check the events that are listed for that day in order to see which facilities/rooms are already reserved.

McVay Family Center

Church Educational Annex - Sanctuary Level

Church Fellowship Hall
Lower Level

Church Sanctuary

PROS Youth Room (North)

PROS Youth Room

 Room 201 Classroom

Fellowship Hall (seats 110)


Junior High Classroom

 Room 202 Classroom



Music Classroom


 Room 101 Classroom


Youth Game Room


 Room 102 Classroom


Dining Area
(seats 200)


 Room 103 Classroom

Prayer Room