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During the Middle Ages, there developed a devotion to the five sacred wounds of Christ. Over time, preference was given to Christ being wounded in the side with the spear over the nails in his hands and feet. A growing number of Americans find it easier to identify with the wounded Jesus rather than with the risen Christ. In the broken body of our Lord on the cross, people are able to see re-presented the brokenness of their own lives. In the crucifixion, the Son of Man is wounded for us. Jesus is not only able to identify with the places where people are wounded today, He is able to bring them reconciliation, resurrection and new life. We are all “walking wounded.” During the season of Lent is a time for us to take an honest look at our lives to see where we are wounded and how we can be healed.

Sunday, February 18 – Wounded in Our Thoughts

Sunday, February 25 – Wounded in Our Spirit and Emotions

Sunday, March 4 – Wounded in Our Hopes and Dreams

Sunday, March 11 – Wounded in Our Relationships

Sunday, March 18 – Wounded in Our Actions

Palm/Passion Sunday, March 25 – The Wounded Healer

Easter Sunday, April 1 – The Healed Wounded