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Bulletin Announcements

Week of April 15

Opportunities This Week

FREE Community Coffee each morning at the
McVay Family Center from 7:00am to 9:00am - Everyone invited!

12 noon - Funeral Luncheon at McVay Family Center
7pm - Vermeer Conference - open to the public at Global Pavilion

9am - Prayer and Share at home of Brenda Jess

Wednesday6pm - G2C children meet at church fellowship hall
6:30pm - PROS Youth meet at McVay Family Center
6:30pm - Prayer Shawl meets at Church Prayer Room

NEXT Sunday - April 20     
9:15am - Worship 

May 4 - Watoto Children's Choir at Rock Center
Sunday, May 13 - Mother's Day Sunday
Sunday, May 20 - Graduation Day Sunday
June 4-8 - Community Vacation Bible School
June 8-10 - New Sharon Spring Festival
Sunday, June 10 - 10am - Community Worship Service (sponsored by local churches) City Park